My name is Yaron Moskovich , I would like to introduce you to a band called

Odradek is a band from Tel-aviv Israel which plays instrumental psychedelic
trance rock in a style that has never been heard before.

The band brings the meaning of psychedelic to new and fascinating places.

Together the five members of Odradek create an amazing blend of live synths,
sawing guitars, electronic and acoustic drums, bass, futuristic electronic
samples and resonating vocals.

Odradek’s energetic music takes the listener on an intensive journey through
big melodies, mind blowing electronic kicks, touching vocals and psy trance
grooves, That creates their own original sound that offers a unique blend of
textures, rhythms and melodies.

For videos, music and much more please visit our website MailScanner has
detected a possible fraud attempt from „www.odradek-band.com“ claiming to be
www.odradek-band.com  or our myspace page www.myspace.com/odradekk

These days Odradek are working on their european tour, and any review or
article can help on the quest to spread the music across the glob….

Looking forward to your replay…

Best regards

Yaron Moskovich and Odradek?


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